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About London School of Commerce Malta

London School of Commerce, Malta Ltd (LSCM) was established in June 2014 as a global higher education provider in Malta and forms part of the London School of Commerce Global Group.

The primary objective of LSCM is to be a leading global higher education provider in Malta. In keeping with the vision and mission of its parent institution, namely the London School of Commerce (LSC), London, the LSCM aims to provide high quality and innovative undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes to prospective students and professionals in Malta as well as to those from other countries. This vision parallels the policy of the Government of Malta particularly in its objective of promoting Malta as a Higher Education Hub to attract global talent and engage with regional business to create a sustainable economy.

The campus is located in the vicinity of the historic city of Valletta, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and within easy reach of the Island's main transport hub as well as a multitude of historic landmarks, shopping centres, leisure zones, and entertainment locations.

At LSC Malta you will be immersed in a truly diverse environment made up of a student population which is a melting pot of nationalities and cultures, making your education a truly formative experience going beyond the core academic achievement.

LSC Malta is licensed as a Higher Education Institute (License Number 2013-FHI-025).

LSCM Learning Philosophies


Students are at the heart of everything we do. We value close faculty-student interaction, high standards for students, and a supportive living-learning environment. The most important outcomes in LSC's Global Campuses are student employability, the entrepreneurial and innovative skills and student success. Faculty and staff practice a variant of the golden rule: treat students the way you would want your own family members to be treated; supporting them and guiding their goals and aspirations; having a keen interest in their successes and showing them the importance and wonders of a comprehensive and holistic education.

Quality of education

We take pride in delivering quality of education and value for money. Quality is the ultimate hallmark at LSC's Global Campus including LSC Malta. We seek to achieve the highest academic standards and quality of teaching and learning, always striving to be better, never settling for being "good enough". Measures of our success include our strong academic ambience, challenging academic, vibrant environments and our strong track record of excellence in teaching and learning, research, internationalisation, entrepreneurship and innovation.

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East meets West

LSCM, as part of the LSC group benefits from the global campuses culture, where students of different cultures meet and these campuses are innovation labs for ideas, critical thinking, imagination, innovation and implementation. In LSCM, the better the ideas, the greater the learning process. We ask students to investigate new worlds and to look at familiar problems from fresh perspectives. We help students to develop their entrepreneurial and innovative skills so as enable them to become a full-fledged global competitor.

Global and local engagement

We are pound of creating global impact through LSC Connect, which links up with over 25,000 graduates and global alumni. Our mission is not only to develop our students into global citizens; but also serve as an economic, social, and cultural catalyst around the world. We integrate teaching, research, innovation, internationalisation and global engagement for the benefit of both our students and the countries which they serve.

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