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Teaching and Learning Philosophies

The LSCM teaching and learning philosophies aspires to be a centre of excellence in developing future leaders and full-fledged global competitors with entrepreneurial-spirit and innovative thinking.

Our teaching philosophy and pedagogic vision seeks to fuse theory with real world practice and develop academic enhancement through active research and industry engagement. East meets West and cross cultural management are core features of teaching and learning in LSC lectures where flying faculty from different industrial and cultural backgrounds engage with students in the Malta campus.

At LSC, we provide students with quality academic experiences with a strong emphasis on the development of the applied knowledge, skills and capabilities appropriate to the rapidly changing global, cultural, human, technological, business and organisational environment.

Our Faculty

Dr Lucy Lu

Provost and Global Academic Director, London School of Commerce (LSC) London
Principal, LSC Malta

Dr Lucy Lu (BA, MBA, DBA) has more than 20 years of experiences in global higher education management and has held several senior academic and leadership posts and international development roles at Newcastle University, Plymouth University and Northumbria University in the UK. Dr Lu's current role as Provost and Global Academic Director at LSC Group brought with it an innovative approach towards global higher education management and transnational education practice through the integration of university-government-industry partnership collaboration and the integration of western management with eastern philosophy. In addition to supporting the LSC vision and providing strong and inspiring leadership for academic excellence at LSC group. Dr Lu leads the overall design, development and implementation of LSC global academic strategy to improve the institutional effectiveness and enhancing the global reputation and positioning of LSC through reshaping and transforming its global academic strategy.

Dr Lu's passion in global higher education management and transnational education practice is that the vision and mission of LSC Group will be delivered through coordinated efforts and shared governance, the triple-helix approach of university-government-industry partnership and the integration of western management with eastern philosophy.

Speaking about her role as the Principal of LSC Malta, Dr Lu said: "the vision of LSC Malta, which is to provide high quality and affordable education to those who have passion and commitment to change in their life and career, is underpinned by the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr Tim Andradi, the founder and CEO of LSC Group, who created the LSC legacy in the last 20 years through his passion for education and change. In the fast-changing global education environment, the key for any education institutional organisation to survive and indeed sustain in the long term lies in the capability of adapting to market demand and managing change. This is what has contributed to the success of LSC Malta and will continue form an essential part of the DNA for LSC Malta campus to further enhance its regional as well as global impact in attracting and nurturing talent for the development of knowledge economy in the 21st century".

Dr Ashok Kumar Srivastava

Dr Ashok Kumar Srivastava completed his Masters in Commerce & Management from University of Allahabad, India, in 1978 and Doctoral Degree in Management from the same University in 1986. He has done his Post-Doctoral work in the area of Social Marketing from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India. Dr Srivastava has nearly four decades of experience in management teaching, administration, training, research, and consultancy in universities and reputed international management institutions. He is also a certified management trainer by HumaNext; a US-based premier management training and consultancy organization. Dr Srivastava is a published author. His specialization area is Marketing, Human Resource Management and Managerial Communication (including self-communication).

Dr. Robert Suban

Dr. Robert Suban is an academic in the area of banking & finance and holds a Ph.D. in Accounting & Finance from the Alliance Manchester Business School. He has also completed the ACCA qualification. He regularly attends and presents his research at various internationally peer-reviewed academic conferences in the area of finance. He has considerable experience as a practitioner having worked in various industries and is a consultant in the area of finance. Currently, he also holds a number of non-executive directorships in investment companies.

Dr. Robert Suban research interests include corporate finance, finance and international business, regulation, and corporate governance

Stephen Fenech

Stephen Fenech MBA (Henley) MSc (Melit), has 23 years practical management experience having worked in various managerial roles for both Maltese and foreign organisations in Malta. During the last 4 years he has now moved to teaching for various universities, including the Anglia Ruskin University, University of Chester, University of Bedfordshire, NCC and University of Malta. He has guided a number of student in dissertations and final projects. Subject Specialisms - Human Resource Management and Finance.

Kenneth Genovese

Kenneth Genovese MBA Henley, has over 25 years industry experience in banking and financial services. He has been employed in a number of different front and back office roles related to different business areas including Banking, Insurance and Investments. His present role is as Senior Manager (Wealth) with one of the leading banks in Malta. Kenneth has been lecturing with a number of renowned local and international organisations and universities for the past ten years on a number of different courses targeting different audiences. These include marketing, management, sales, business development and strategy up to Masters Level. He is also a board committee member of the Institute for financial services Malta and has been lecturing with London School of Commerce Malta since 2016 on the Masters and BA programs.

Paul Savona

Paul Savona MBA, UOW brings with him a wealth of experience gained from working with a number of disparate and internationally diverse business entities. He has the ability to quickly understand the business workings behind commercial need while also offering strategic business analysis. Being a creative thinker Paul is able to successfully align the business and operational requirements with IS solutions and bring these strategies to fruition through his programme and project management skills.

Having lived and worked in several countries with a diversity of different nationals & cultures, Paul is able to communicate effectively and has gained strong inter-personal skills being able to transact with co-workers, suppliers and clients alike, all up to board level.

International Teaching Faculty

Dr. Lester Massingham

Dr. Lester Massingham PhD is a world-renowned Marketing and Strategy Consultant to Governments, Private and Public Sector Multinational Enterprises. He is also an accomplished author and has several bestselling books to his credit. He holds the position of Director of Studies for the Executive MBA programme in International Marketing awarded by the Berne University of Applied Sciences and is now Director, MBA for executives, London School of Commerce (UK) Group of Colleges.

Mervyn Sookun

Mervyn Sookun BSc, MSc has been teaching for 14 years at various British and Australian universities, including the University of Hull, University of Lincolnshire and Humberside and Oxford Brookes University. He has guided a number of student research projects. Subject Specialisms - Corporate Strategy and Total Quality Management.

Dr. Uma Mohan

Dr. Uma Mohan MSc, MMS, MS, PhD has 23 years international teaching experience in Europe, Asia and Australia. Dr Mohan has guided numerous dissertations in the field of computing and Information Technology. Dr Mohan is the Senior Course Leader and Head of the Computing Department. Subject Specialisms - Numerical Methods, Strategic Systems Management, Systems Analysis and Design.

Khaldoun Dia-Eddine

Khaldoun Dia-Eddine B.Eng MBA has over 10 years lecturing experience in the fields of business development, management and finance. He holds directorship of several commercial companies and also works as a Business Consultant for various organisations. Subject specialisms - Business Development, Management and Finance.

Prof. Dr. Markus Prandini

Prof. Dr. Markus Prandini is a very experienced lecturer in the area of International Business. He is currently the Head of Regional Competence Center Asia-Pacific at ZHAW School of Management and Law in Zurich. Dr. Markus Prandini holds several lecture assignments in Economics, Business and Education. His research interests are in the fields of e-learning, inter-cultural management and informal economics, internationalisation of small and mid-sized companies, inter-cultural management and e-learning.

Anand Walser

Anand Walser - BSc, MCA, MBA worked in the corporate world for seven years in the IT and hospitality industries. He was involved with marketing, client relations, systems analysis and auditing departments. Mr. Walser Moved into academia and has been there for the last 14 years. He has been involved with universities in UK, Australia and Asia and has taught in numerous locations across the globe. He has completed several corporate training programmes and consultancy assignments for businesses in Europe and Asia. Subject Specialisms - International Business, Marketing, Personal Managerial Effectiveness, Business Ethics, Change Management.

William Parrott

William Parrott MBA has gained his Masters degree at Aberdeen University. He then trained as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG and completed his ACA qualification having achieved first time passes in all papers. Whilst with KPMG he worked in the audit, tax and corporate finance departments. William started his teaching career in 1996 and since that date he has taught on both MBA and professional courses in many countries around the world.

Dr. Daniel Seelhofer

Dr. Daniel Seelhofer has held senior positions in both the private and education sector over the past 15 years and is currently Vice Dean at one of the largest Swiss business schools. He holds a PhD and a Master's degree in International Management from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and has lectured in over 12 countries. Additionally, he is a serving officer and former battalion commander with over 20 years experience in the Swiss Army. His research interests revolve around the interplay of leadership and cross-cultural factors.

Prof. Steve Lumby

Prof. Steve Lumby has a distinguished career that spans both industry and academia. After working in various capacities for the H J Heinz Company, he went to the London School of Economics (LSE) where he lectured and researched for 13 years. Following further academic appointments, he then moved into the private Higher Education sector and became Managing Director of LCA. He is the author of many academic papers and his standard Corporate Finance textbook is shortly to be published in its 9th edition. Subject specialisms - Financial Analysis and Management, Corporate Finance.

Apsara Hewage

Apsara Hewage MBA, BCS, ACS is a Senior Lecturer at BSC Colombo with over 16 years' experience in lecturing in the areas of Management and Information Technology for undergraduate and post graduate programs at reputable UK and Australian Universities.

Prof. Malcolm Bennison

Prof. Malcolm Bennison, PhD, FCIPD joined LSC Malta in September 2015. With over 30 years' experience in lecturing and leadership in various British and overseas universities including the University of London, University of Durham Business School and the University of Sheffield, he was most recently Deputy Director of the Institute of Manpower Studies, based at the University of Sussex. Malcolm has also worked as a commercial consultant for numerous organisations in Europe, the Far East and America and brings to LSC Malta a wealth of both teaching knowledge and business experience. His subject specialisms include Human Resource Strategy, Business and Research Methodology, and Business Research Analysis.

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